Taking Your Baby On Holiday

Taking holidays and day trips with your family can be a really wonderful experience, as well as being educational for young children. However, it can be stressful if you are taking very young children away. With some thought and preparation, you can make it a lot easier and more enjoyable, and create some great family memories that will last a lifetime.

Your baby will need a secure car seat if you are driving. Before setting off, check that the seat is appropriate for your child's weight, and make sure it is securely fitted into the car. When it's time to go, fasten the harness securely. Newborn babies should be in a rear-facing seat, because this gives better support for their head and neck.

A lightweight stroller is a great choice for travel. Look for one that folds up to a compact size to make your travel easier. A travel system is really handy for times like this because you can simply store the chassis in the boot and convert the car seat into a pushchair as soon as you arrive at your destination.

If you're going to the seaside or the countryside, consider a three-wheeler stroller. This will be much easier to control on rough terrain so you don't have to spend your holiday struggling with the pushchair.

Outward-facing pushchairs are good for day trips and holidays because they give your child more opportunity to look at the wonderful new sights around them. Many travel systems give you the option for the child to face forwards, or towards you as you push them, so you can adjust them to suit.

However you are travelling, take plenty of things to keep children entertained and comfortable during the journey, like games, drinks, and snacks. Car seat toys and buggy toys will keep little ones occupied while they travel.

Whether you're travelling locally or going abroad, your baby will need protection from the sun's harmful rays while you're out and about. It is best to keep very young children out of the sun altogether. You can buy pushchair accessories like UV-resistant sunshades and parasols to keep them safe and prevent sunburn. Cover them with high SPF sunblock and make sure they wear a hat.