Toilet Training

Toilet training is a major part of a child's early development, and a big step towards independence. Most will start showing an interest in potty training around the age of two to three years, but this will vary from child to child. It's important to help your child through this vital learning process calmly and positively, so they can feel happy and confident about using the toilet by themselves.

Before you begin toilet training, you will need a few essential items. Training pants and potties will be crucial. Small children sometimes need to use the toilet at the most awkward times, so consider investing in a travel potty, such as the My Carry Potty range in our online store. This will be useful for those times when you're not in easy reach of a toilet, and they are designed to be appealing to children and encourage them towards their goal.

Keep the potty around the house so it becomes a familiar object, and your child can practise sitting on it. Start off with a regular routine. Sit them on the potty a regular times, like after meals, and when they wake up in the morning. If they don't want to sit on the potty, don't make a big deal out of it.

Take the cues from your child and make sure they are comfortable at all times during the training process. This is important because young children all develop at their own pace and what is easy for one child may be difficult for another, even if they are the same age. Give them lots of encouragement without pressuring them. Make it a positive experience - praise them and tell them how grown up they are whenever they use the potty. This will make them feel proud of their achievement and want to carry on.

After your child gets used to using their potty, they are ready to move on to the "grown up" toilet. It's a good idea to get a training seat to make it easier for them, and a stool to help your child reach the toilet and bathroom basin. Teach them to wash their hands afterwards so they will pick up this good habit from an early age.